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Elevated and Rooftop Helipads and Heliports

We design and build helipads for commercial and residential buildings, government installations and hospitals.
The design of these helipads follows the relevant Civil Aviation Code of the country of installation.
However, for countries which are signatory to the International Civil Aviation Organization, the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) are usually followed.
The helipads are designed and built according international standards and available with any conceivable option, e.y. ICAO Annex 14.

AVIOTECH has extended its offshore helideck expertise to land-based needs.
Over the years several aluminium helipads have been realized for hospitals, high rise offices and city centre heli-transport services.

Advantages of an aluminium helideck, which are so important for the offshore industry, are applicable for land based helipads as well.

Due to the limited weight of an aluminium helipad, it can be installed on almost every existing building, where a steel or a concrete helipad would be too heavy for the building to support it.
For new buildings the low weight of a helipad offers a big advantage as well, as the building itself does not need to be reinforced to carry the weight of the helipad structure.
Being practically maintenance free, helipads offer low costs of ownership.
The helipads are supplied as prefabricated assembly kits and can be assembled by AVIOTECH own assembly crew or under AVIOTECH supervision with local labour.
AVIOTECH offers a turnkey solution, custom made to meet any requirements of the client, either safety wise or architectural wise.

The advantages of an aluminum helidecks: Lightweight (as much as 60% less than conventional steel)

Sea water and marine environment resistant, due to an excellent corrosion resistance.
Non Sparking.

The extensive experience of AVIOTECH and its subsidiaries in designing and building helidecks, combined with the natural advantages of aluminum makes AVIOTECH the shortest route to a cost effective helideck.

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